Why would you want to experience or recall a past life?

There are a few reasons you might want to experience or recall a past life.

For some people it is fun and interesting to explore and experience a past life. It could be seen as past life tourism where you can find out what you have been in a former life and what talents you had that were brought forward in this lifetime. It can also be a means of finding loved ones with whom you spent another life.

The other advantage of experiencing a past life is for its level of therapeutic experience. Often conflicts and emotional problems are quickly and effectively resolved, generally in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. If you have a psychosomatic issue the condition might diminish or disappear altogether by recalling and bringing to completion a past life.

The journey into the spiritual reality can be educational for oneself. You are able to experience the greater reality of your spirit, your past, present and sometimes even your future. You gain deep realization of your purpose in life or the purpose in all of your experienced lives, the meaning of the relationships and the transpersonal aspects of your existence.

And last but not least, the experience can bring an indefinable feeling of being connected to everything and a feeling of Oneness, bringing you closer to your spirituality. It is a profound experience and brings a certain sense of peacefulness into ones life.


Nearly all pioneers like for example Brian Weiss came to Past life Regression by accident. Most of them were reluctant and did not believe in past lives. Certain were very sceptical in the result that their therapy has brought onto their clients, but became convinced as time showed its fruits. It proved that past life regression therapy can produce dramatic improvements in certain people. Some of these people have spent years in conventional therapy with either little or no improvement whatsoever. Most of those clients had not believed in past lives but were nevertheless still influenced by its profound and dramatic improvement.

In a research conducted by Hazel Denning, who studied the results of one thousand subjects of their past life therapy between 1985 and 1992, she measured the impact the past life had right after the therapy and 5 years later. Of the 450 subjects that she was able to track down after the 5 year period, 24% reported that their symptoms had completely gone, 23% had considerable or dramatic improvement and 17% reported noticeable improvement


What can past life regression do for me?

Obviously not all problems have their root from a prior lifetime. Some issues have to be addressed through other therapies.

Past life therapy has been successfully used with the following:

  • Troubling and persisting behaviour patterns which have not changed despite other therapy attempts
  • Relationship problems
  • Phobias
  • Some chronic physical ailments
  • Negative emotions you were accompanied with throughout your life


There is not always the need to undergo a traumatic past life. Sometimes “easy” past lives can be extremely rewarding for the following:

  • Accessing strengths and accomplishments in past lives
  • Experiencing a happy lifetime
  • Viewing ones purpose in the present life
  • Finding loved ones in prior lifetimes
  • Life between lives to access your own inner wisdom and to find direction in your current life.


Past life case studies

I would like to give you some examples of past lives study cases and the results that followed their past life recall. Please bear in mind, those are examples and if you would go and see a past life therapist, you might not have the exact same results.

Pollen allergy, specifically itchy eyes:

David came to see me for a pollen allergy. Although I was not sure I could help her in this specific physical ailment, he was willing to experiment.

Mysteries of Italy

The past life was about a woman who worked with plants and herbs to help people in her village to overcome disease. We could say that people at this time in age viewed her as a witch.  In Europe in the 15th century witches were pursuit by the church and David seemed to have lived in that time period. The priest of the village did not have any proof of her (David's past life character) being a witch as she was very careful. He then sent men out to rape her. Later she was found guilty of adultery and as a punishment, she was condemned to have her eyes burnet out. She felt it was injustice that was brought to her, and she could not pursuit her work anymore as she was not able to see the plants and determine which ones were necessary for certain treatments. She died with the sorrow that her life ended with the injustice brought upon her.  David was able to work through the sorrow and forgive the priest and the men who raped the witch. To this date 2 years after the session, he experienced no allergies to pollen.

Phobia of explosives

Diana was 18 when she came to see me. Her concern was, since she was born, she suffered from a phobia of explosives or a fear of popping balloons. In fact everything that could explode would put her into a hysterical state, including shaking, crying and hiding in a closet.

She first explored her present life, where she was exposed to fireworks at as a baby. That has brought only little relief so we opted to go and explore a past life. She was a soldier and in the midst of war she decided to walk away as fear has taken over her. She walked and could still hear her colleagues dying in the war the bombing and the shooting. In her village nobody welcomed her as everyone knew that she abandoned the others. She died lonely with the thought that she is a looser with big guilt as she was not standing by her colleagues during the war. Once we cleared the negative emotions regarding this lifetime, she was able to be around balloons and fireworks, without any symptoms!

Feeling of injustice

Debora was 45 and had depression. She did not want to live and thought of live as unjust.

She experienced a past life, where people judged her for a job that she has done. The punishment was to drown her. They tied her hands and her feet and she was thrown into a river in a bag. She recognized the person who judged her in the past life as her ex-boss in the present life. Her depression started when he sacked her after an unjust assessment. After having worked through the repetitive issues she was able to forgive him and was able to move on in her life.

Exploring past life for fun

Annabelle was simply interested in past lives and wanted to experience a regression. As we proceeded, she was able to see herself as a woman waiting for her husband, living in the 1940. As she was waiting, an officer announced the death of her husband, he had died in a submarine accident; it might have been a ship.

Later on, after the session was over she was able to get her name and the date of the accident and tracked it down to a person that lived in Canada in the 40-is and fit the description of her regression. She learned from this experience, that she truly is an eternal soul. She also recognized her brother to whom she feels very close as her husband in the past life.

Please note; this is a rather exceptional past life regression. It is rare to be able to pinpoint it to people and find astonishing details. However it does happen from time to time. The reason why most people do not find “proof” is because the aim is set to heal and possibly learn something from the past life and therefore the proof of existence of a past life is not. relevant.


Sandra came as she had a fear of abandonment. As a child she was abandoned through unfortunate family circumstances. However this fear persisted even though she could rationally understand the past events.

She found herself going back to the Egyptian times. Unfortunately we were not able to understand what role she played and which era it was. She knew that the pharaoh had died and that they had taken her into the grave to sedate her. She was fully aware when they mummified her. She died with a sense of abandonment from the people she thought loved her most. Through this experience she was able to understand, that love goes beyond time and space and was able to truly forgive those that had abandoned her. She is able now to trust people and lives her life fully now.

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