The Regression Therapy

Past life memories are often explored through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of deep physical and mental relaxation which allows you to tap into a past life or into your own inner wisdom. The role of the hypnotherapist or a regression therapist is to guide you through the process so that you can find your own answers from within and will move forward by removing old blockages.

There is no such thing as a hypnotized feeling. Every person experiences hypnosis differently. Some might feel a very light floating sensation, others may feel tingling in their body, while yet others may feel somewhat “spacey”. There is no typical sensation.


As you are in this deep relaxed state images and symbols are able to surface much easier than in a conscious state. Most often people think that they are asleep or unconscious during this state or during the recall of their memories. Despite this belief, you are very much aware of your surroundings and can feel the emotion that is related to the past life recalled. After the regression you will be able to remember everything about your past life. The memory might fade with time; therefore you will receive upon request a recorded CD of the regression at the end of the session so that you can listen to it in the years to come.

The regression may feel similar to a meditative state and you will feel in control of the whole process while you give feedback on what you are experiencing.

A Hypnotherapist can give you positive suggestions so that you can achieve the desired goal much faster than with willpower alone. However you are not bound to follow these suggestions if it does not comply with your morals. Therefore nobody can program you against your desires or beliefs.


The fear of not being able to experience anything in a past life recall

Some people wonder if a regression will really work for them. Most people are experiencing past life recall spontaneously therefore it is quite easy to let go and let the subconscious mind speak out. Often when people think that nothing has happened it is due to the fact that they had too big expectations and brushed a thought or a picture as imagination away. However those pictures that you might see in your minds eye are those that will lead you into the past life recall. In rare cases it could be just a sense of knowing that things are that way, without “seeing” the actual life. It may even be that you think that you made everything up, however in my experience, those people thinking that they made things up, still have profound experiences and get results that they would have never dreamed of to come from something that “they imagined”.

For some people during the first regression things might come up quite vaguely and in a mist. You have to take into account that impressions might come in a number of different ways either physical sensations (kinaesthetically), hearing (auditory), sometimes even smelling (olfactory) or visually. But some of them just intuitively have a knowledge that the event happened that way.

If you experience a past life it is best to go in with an open mind, and allow your inner mind see the things as they come up whether it makes sense or perceived as real and trust whatever comes up at the time.

Those people that have practiced meditation or have practiced different methods entering into a relaxed state might move quickly into a past life regression although there are people that are “naturals” and have no previous experience in relaxation techniques and go very easily into a past life. Still this is just to show, that this can be learned. The more you let yourself go, the more you will be able to recover memories in greater detail.

Old Book

The only way to experience a past life is to give it a try. To be able to find with satisfaction a past life, you should have an idea of what you want to find in a past life. Be it a pleasant life with an idea in what direction you would want to go in the present life or simply a blockage that you want to work on and remove. In any case there needs to be an intent, without it, you might go around in circles and get lost and not find anything at all.


A word about the mediums that claim to see past lives; even though there is the possibility that a psychic could see your past life, there is no benefit from someone telling you what you were and what you lived through. In order to be able to work through an issue you have to experience it. I also have trouble in having people tell me what I have lived through as I have no proof in confirming that they were right. If they tell me the future, then in some cases I can verify it to a certain degree, but as far as a past life goes, there is no way of finding proof.

I have seen some people that got nothing but more problems out of having someone tell them what they could “see”. Knowing about a “problem” does not solve it!

Obviously it is up to you to judge and you have the freedom in choosing what seems right to you.

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