Spirit Releasement

Certain issues that you might want to resolve do not come from your own past lives. It can come from an entity, a spirit that has died and attaches itself to a human living being.


Once a human dies, his spirit goes into “the light” after his passing. However some individuals become earthbound sprits and can attach themselves to our energy field, the aura, and our physical, emotional or subtle body. This usually happens when the person is in a weak emotional state.

 Emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, distress or even strong ties of love can interfere with the transition into the light. A person who has died from drug or alcohol abuse or lung cancer, having smoked may attach to someone using these drugs to maintain the drugged sensations he is used to as an addict.

Some spirits are simply confused and do not know where they are supposed to go, they also might not be aware of their own death. This might happen after a sudden unexpected death, like an accident.

The newly attached spirit may bring a sudden change in behavior, noticeable personality changes following a surgery, accident or emotional upset. As a result appetites for food, sex alcohol or drugs can increase after such a spirit has attached. This might be very confusing to the person with the attachment as well as for the loved ones who perceive these changes and don’t recognize their loved ones anymore.

The attachment can occur by accident or it might also happen to fulfill the personal need of the spirit, it can be harmful as well as neutral to the “carrier”. It can occur because of the similarity of emotions that both spirits carry like for example loneliness or from a certain appeal for activities or it can simply occur because of physical proximity to a dying person at the time of death.

Drug users like for example marihuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD etc. are prone to the attachment of spirits. These drugs open the field of the unconscious and leave it unprotected so that the spirit can attach itself. The same can happen during a surgery with the use of an anesthetic drug.

The most common entities to be found are earthbound spirits, these are, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans.

Usual Symptoms of Spirit Attachments Can Include the Following:

  • A variety of changing physical maladies with no obvious cause
  • Irrational fear, anger, sadness or guilt or
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • An inner voice that constantly criticizes you
  • Sudden change in preferences
  • A variety of changing physical maladies with no obvious cause

How Does Spirit Releasement Work?

Once an earthbound spirit attaches it can bring along its own physical and emotional diseases which it had at its time of death. These ailments are then experienced as your own pains, thoughts, desires and behaviors.


 If you suspect having an attachment, it is quite easy to remove them. At first through hypnosis or a relaxed state we encourage the spirit to communicate to determine his emotional needs to stay earthbound. Once these issues have been resolved the spirit can be released into the light. Some people feel a great relief and only realize at that moment that they indeed did have a spirit attached. Ongoing therapy is needed to resolve the conflicts and to heal residual and emotional vulnerability which allowed the spirit attachments to take hold. Sometimes as layers are removed more sprits may come forward and are able to let go.

Often results can be seen immediately. Some emotional problems and conflicts, some physical conditions and mental problems can be irradiated through spirit releasement therapy

 You do not need to believe in spirit attachments for this to work. This therapy is not based on any religion or religious belief system. Spirit releasement therapy has nothing to do with exorcism. Exorcism is usually performed by a minister and is a procedure to cast out demons. In the spirit releasement therapy we release the attachments only after they agree to go. This prevents the spirit to come back or to attach to someone else close by. The earthbound spirit is simply made aware of his situation and is lovingly guided into the light.

Curses and negative energies are removed so that the connections are transformed into positive energies.

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