Life between Lives (LBL)

The practice of a Life Between Lives regression, in abbreviated form LBL, allows the access to our soul memories while in a very deep hypnotic state. The success of such a session lies in the length which can last anywhere between three to four hours and sometimes even longer. A previous experience in a past life regression is required prior to the life between lives session as one will bridge from the physical incarnation and connect with the immortal life in the spirit world. The regression into the life between lives is also called spiritual regression because of the connection with the soul and the eternal self. This therapy form has been developed and researched by Dr. Michael Newton author of the books Journey of souls and Destiny of Souls.

Spinning GoldDuring the life between lives session, in short LBL, you are able to see the entire karmic development while you are connected with your eternal self. You will learn why you have chosen your current life and the lessons that life brings onto you. In this very high state of perception and understanding you are able to find answers such as “Why am I here?”, “Where do I come from”, “Who am I?” and “What is my life’s purpose?”

During the session you will be able to have direct contact with your spirit guides and learn from their loving advice on how to manage and move on in life. This is a very profound experience and is one of the components available during a spiritual regression.

Anyone, regardless of their religion or nationality can undergo a life between lives regression. It creates positive changes in a person’s life, his understanding and purpose. Most people report that this experience is the most significant spiritual work they have done.

How does a life between lives session (spiritual regression) work?

You will have to carefully prepare prior to your session. You will need to have undergone a Past Life Regression beforehand. I will ask you to write down and mail me (or e-mail) a list of people that are important to you. You will need to include anyone that has influenced you either negatively or positively in a significant way. And also write down their names and a description of their character. Please keep the sheet brief as it should really include the most important people in your life.

Then when you come in for the appointment, we will take an overview of your life so that I get an understanding of the most important events that have marked you. You will then be guided through a hypnotic induction into the most deepest possible state and you will access from there your recent past life (you will preferably already have worked through that life) which we will visit briefly and use it as a gateway to enter the spirit state.


You will be able to go through this amazing world of peace and compassion, meeting your spirit guide, rejoin your soul group, meet the council and explore your life selection. This experience is very profound and probably the most significant work that you will ever do for yourself.

Please bear in mind, if you have read Dr. Newton’s books that your session will be personal and might not resemble by the letter those described in his books.

At any time you will be able to ask questions, this experience is dynamic. However it is important that you have prepared your questions before hand so that I can guide you through the process. The deep relaxed state might prevent you of remembering all the questions that you wanted to ask.

I cover normally fundamental questions such as:

  • The connection with your soul group and the reason why you are together with them
  • Your speciality group (if any)
  • Family members and close friends that you recognize from your soul group
  • The purpose of your current life
  • Why you chose to come into that particular body and place
  • Your soul level

A LBL session can last anywhere between 3 – 4 hours and sometimes even longer. This does not include the initial past life regression session, which has to be booked separately. But it includes the preparation time shortly before entering the LBL and the debriefing at the end of the session.

You might ask yourself a few questions; please find below frequently asked questions on that subject:

What if I cannot see or experience anything?

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I require that every person that wants to undergo a life between lives session has undergone a past life regression with me. You will in any case know by that time what to expect. Usually hypnosis is used to lead you into the relaxed state of mind which lets you access your soul memories. All people can go into a state of hypnosis; however some people need more preparation and training to go into deeper levels, which is required for a LBL session. Again you will have to experience hypnosis beforehand and will know about your difficulties if there should be any.

To have a rewarding session you will need to have a focused mind and be calm and relaxed. Simply let go of preconceptions, expectations and previous experiences or knowledge. This will allow you to have a truly genuine experience. Please do not plan a LBL session if you are going through a rough time. The preoccupation about the difficulties in life may interfere with the entry into the LBL.

I am analytical, but would still like to undergo a life between lives session; what can I do?

In case you have an analytical mind and/or are experiencing a lot of stress, I recommend practicing daily meditation and relaxation. If you need help, I recommend my CD which I have created for deep relaxation practice. Once you have booked a session and paid the down payment of CHF 200.-, I will send you a link to download the relaxation in a MP3 format. Should you need to cancel the LBL session in the agreed time frame of 72 hours, I will hold back CHF 20.- for the recording.

Listening to the recording prior to the LBL session will have a great impact on a successful LBL session.

In case you would like to purchase the CD seperatly, please contact me per e-mail.

What is the cost for a life between lives session?

As mentioned earlier a LBL session takes an average of 4 hours and the cost is CHF 500.-, regardless of its length.

The Past life regressions are billed as follows, for 1h30 the cost is CHF 200.- and for a 2 hour session the cost is CHF 250.- . A Past life Regression usually takes between 1h30 up to 2 hours.

Due to a high demand I am asking for a CHF 200.- deposit when you book your LBL session. I will send you my banking details or a payment slip. The session is only confirmed once the down payment has been received. I will hold your place for one week and after that time has elapsed and I have not received your payment, I will assume that you are not interested anymore and will give the session away.

You will have to cancel the session at least seventy-two hours (3 days) in advance; otherwise your down payment becomes non-refundable.

How do I book an appointment?

The demand at the moment is enormous, so you do have to wait a two to three months to get an appointment. Appointments can only be taken by phone at +41 22 731 97 31. Please visit the contact page for more information regarding the appointments.

Will I be able to remember everything?

You are able to remember everything that has happened during the LBL. Nevertheless your session will be recorded and if time allows it, you will get the recording directly after the session or I will mail it to you.

Please note: If you prefer cassette tapes, you will have to bring your own recording system. I will happily record onto your system of choice (i.e. own recording device).

What if there is nothing happening during the session?

My aim is that you have the best possible session with the most spiritual insights. It is important that you feel safe, secure and allow yourself to relax. Be aware that the sessions are lengthy and require a deep state of relaxation. I will make sure that I get a full understanding of your ability to go into a deep level of trance and your previous past life regression experiences, so that I can adapt the induction to your needs.

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In the event the access to a LBL is denied, we will use that time to understand why the access has been denied and do a profound past life regression to clear any blockages. The reasons why a LBL could be denied are: the person has not cleared sufficiently past life issues, current problems which are occupying the mind and are prohibiting sufficient relaxation, expecting too much and comparing previous experiences or comparing with experiences read in books on that subject.

Some additional information :

Due to the length of a LBL session, they are usually held in the afternoon beginning at 13h00. If you need to have a Past Life Regression before the LBL session, please make sure you have it sufficiently booked apart so that you have time to “digest”.

Prior to the LBL session, please make sure that you have eaten and feel satisfied. Avoid any heavy foods to avoid fatigue and subsequently falling asleep during the deep relaxation. Also avoid drinking too much coffee or water to prevent several interruptions during the session for bathroom breaks.

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