Reincarnation and karma

Past Life Regression or Past life Therapy involves necessarily the belief in reincarnation. Past Life Regression therapists will use methods ranging from hypnosis to Reiki and shamanism for inducing their clients to experience a past live and identify the cause of their problem. Only if the client has come to terms with what has been relived in that past life, he or she can bring closure to the presented issue.

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The schools of thought which deal with past life regression vary in terms of the theory about reincarnation. The concept of regression is as old as Patanjali’s Yoga Darshan which was an ancient Indian Yoga philosopher. He wrote around the 4th century BC that each experience the soul (chitta) lives has been registered and is never lost. It remains intact in the smallest detail and we can experience it again until it becomes a memory. The accumulation of impressions or of karmas from previous existences may influence the way we act and behave in a current life situation. He recommended using yoga meditation to lighten the soul from past life traumas which might have influenced it negatively. The Buddhist concept of Nirvana works along similar views.

The idea of reincarnation might scare some people. The fear might come from education or that the person simply does not know what to think about it. However over half the world’s population believes in reincarnation. The idea that there is a possibility of reincarnation may bring a great sense of serenity knowing that there is more to us than just our physical bodies and that we move forward and learn by mastering the lessons that we came here to learn. To some people this makes sense and that is the reason why they adopted that belief.

Reincarnation and Karma are often associated. Typically the west interprets Karma as a predestination that everything is set in stone and that we do not have a choice in our lives.

The word Karma in Sanskrit means “action”, and is the sum of all positive or negative action that extends into past, present and future experiences that one has lived. It accounts us responsible of our own life and the joy or pain we bring onto others. It is the old concept we have of the moral “what goes around comes around”.

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 In a past life recall one might see himself as the offender or the victim and gets thus a better understanding of the present life issue with the person involved. Karma is in that example the balance; it does not need to continue to destroy. These aspects can be worked out in a past life regression therapy. You have always the choice to learn form these situations but you can also put it on hold and work on them later.

You do really not need to believe in either reincarnation or karma in order to make past life therapy work for you. As long as you keep an open mind you will be able to experience and benefit from this therapy form. You have the choice to decide to view these experiences as either a real past life or as the fruit of your imagination. People with different belief systems from all walks of life are able to recover so called past life memories.

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