Past life regression

We carry forward all our experiences from prior lives into our current life. Past life memories come in many guises, in some cases it can be beneficial, for example if you have a certain talent that you continue to pursue and want to deepen in this current lifetime.


You might have had an experience being in a place that you seem to recognize or seen a person that gives you the impression of familiarity and it seems as if you knew this person even though you just met. Most often, but not always, these are instances of reencountering places or people which we have known in past lifetimes. Or you may feel drawn to certain places to certain cultures without any apparent reason. You may have a longing feeling, a certain knowledge of places and cultures that where neither learned nor transmitted in any known form.

Sometimes, traumatic experiences from past lives are left unresolved. For example a violent or sudden death, a judgement that was brought onto a person can stay unresolved and can be brought forward into the present life. You may have shared the love with a person which broke your heart and have carried on the feeling into the present lifetime.

Just to name a few more issues that may come from a past life, a phobia of explosives might be a death or a traumatic experience in a war, the fear of public speaking might come from a public lapidating or an unfair judgement, and the phobia of water could come from a drowning, a physical problem, like migraine could come from a head injury and or a sudden death in a past life….

Many physical ailments are considered to be psychosomatic, often these conditions diminish or cease altogether through past life regression therapy.

As these traumas are explored and resolved, the phobias and all the physical problems are eliminated. Through the emotional feelings and sometimes body sensations which are associated with present life issues, the client is prompted to locate the cause of the problem which often leads to a pain filled memory of a past life.

The therapist assists the client in resolving the emotional or unfinished business in the past life and encourages him then to integrate it into the present life situation.

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Some critics reject the idea of looking into a past lifetime as they claim to have enough problems and issues to deal with in their present life. That is a reasonable idea and certain blockages can indeed come from present life issues. Some people discover that present life conflicts and blockages often do come from traumatic past life experiences, and this discovery can happen sometimes by accident.

Occasionally certain experiences can be reactivated in our current lifetime, obviously without our conscious awareness from the past traumatic events or as we call it sometimes from former lifetimes. Certain interactions with people seem to reactivate a past life memory. At certain times it is a recurring event in different disguises which blocks us or makes us realize that there is a frozen emotional stress towards certain types of people or situations. It might come as well from a recurring thought, like for example: “I am useless” or “nobody loves me” or “everybody abandons me”…. It is as if the soul is stuck in that particular thought and cannot or does not allow to move out of it.

 Usually hypnosis is used to uncover past lives or to access childhood memories. Some regression therapists use guided imagery or deep relaxation to activate that memory and to find the issue which is causing a certain problem in our current lives.

The importance herein is that you allow yourself to experience these events, thus enabling yourself to disseminate the energy and the emotional blockages which are linked to the traumatic experience. Have trust in your inner visions and be open to explore whatever comes up.

The goal during regression therapy is to find solutions and release emotions. It is not to find proof that you lived that particular past life, if such material would come up and you could go and search for proof, than that is fine. However if you are in search to prove that a past life existed, you are putting aside the valuable therapeutic tool. Some people get information which can be tracked down and can bring a certain proof. But again this is not the usual inquiry. The therapist guides the client through significant events of the lifetime and then through the death experience. Most of all, we look at what lessons you can learn and bring into your current life and not the historical proof.

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To the contrary what many people believe, relieving or re-experiencing the key events brings closure to the events and does not traumatize the person. By resolving the issue, you are enabling yourself to move forward, tracing issues to their origin letting go of the frozen emotion and find completion. Past life therapy extends the time frame further into the past for even deeper origins of the issues presented in the present life. Even if you do not believe in past life memories, the metaphors with their symbolism provide a very high value in finding your own answers in resolving your current issues. It is as if you watch a movie, during the show, you do not analyze whether or not the story could be real and if the events in that movie could have possibly happened that way. You simply enjoy the show… a past life regression should be encountered along those lines with the only difference, that you have the main part in that movie.

Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Andy Tomlinson or Roger Woolger, just to name a few, are pioneers that have brought regression therapy forward into acceptance and into the mainstream as an extremely useful therapeutic tool. By writing books they made the theme more widely available for people that might previously not have been able to tap into that idea or concept.

In just a few sessions certain frozen emotions can be freed which would normally take months if not years in conventional therapy.

It is an extremely useful tool to expand your experience and draw upon your inner wisdom.

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