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Since my early childhood I was very curious about past lives and all the mysteries that came with it. In fact I was remembering parts of a past life, but as nobody in my family had an ear for it, it was left uncovered. Many books now available on the market gave me explanations on past lives and the recovery of it.

In my early days as a hypnotherapist I stumbled upon it, but it was always in a very unsatisfied way, so that I pursued to get educated properly on that matter. The experiences I have gained from that were very profound and have made a lot of sense. Whether or not they are real, I do not mind, it is the issues that I have been able to resolve that counts. As these experiences have made a profound change in the way I view things, I have decided to bring this tool forward to be able to help others achieve the same kind of meaning and understanding about themselves and their lives.

I have degrees in advanced hypnotherapy, I am a certified NGH hypnotherapy instructor, I have a diploma in Regression and Past Life Therapy, I am a Reiki master as well as an EFT practitioner.

These tools and my continuous education will help you get the in the fastest way to where you want to go.


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Consider these things if you want to go and uncover your past life

If you are interested in exploring your past life I recommend strongly that you go to a therapist that has been particularly trained in past life regression therapy not someone that just happens to do past life regression because they covered this part in their hypnosis training or elsewhere during a few hours of their general hypnosis training.

In Europe the association EARTH gives you a list of therapists that abide to the rule that he has been thoroughly trained in the art of past life regression therapy.


You may also find a therapist near you on the following website: http://www.regressionacademy.com/past-life-regression-therapists.htm

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