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I hope that you will find on this website answers to your questions regarding past life regressing therapy and that it will bring more clarity on what Past Life Regression can do for you. I would like to provide information on this valuable therapeutic technique on how it works, how you could benefit from this approach and dispel any myths about past life regression therapy.

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Past life regression therapy or also known as past life therapy or regression therapy is based on reincarnation and the continuation of the souls consciousness and the embodiment and re-embodiment of the eternal soul which carries forward experiences and learning’s from one lifetime to another. This ancient doctrine holds that the spirit separates from the source, god or all that is as a spark of individual consciousness.

As eternal souls, we have experienced physical life on earth in many human bodies and personalities. As a soul we choose the lessons we want to learn and the goals we have set for ourselves in the spirit realms.

Even if you do not believe in reincarnation and even if this belief system goes beyond your imagination you can still greatly benefit from this kind of therapy. The experience as a different personality in a so called past life gives a symbolic metaphor for the issues faced in the current life and often those having experienced it find their own answers to issues that seemed irresolvable.


Whether you believe in past lives or not, this approach has helped many people resolve issues and get past blockages they were resistant with other more conventional therapy approaches. In addition, it is a fascinating way to experience other maybe unknown characteristics of yourself and your personality.

Past life regression therapy can transform the way you view yourself and the world, helping you to put into perspective present life issues. The value in the transformation lies in the accomplishment of unfinished past life issues which were brought forward into this lifetime and through it liberate your soul.

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